Taxpayers in Colorado are subject to a complex array of state and federal laws that can pose serious  problems for their finances and for their businesses. Let us use our expertise to find the solutions you need to your tax problems. There are many paths to tax resolution in the Internal  Revenue Code, but this is an ever-changing document. Keeping up with the variations and knowing the tax code is critical to staying on top of tax filings and tax issues. We understand how to navigate through the confusing world of tax law. Whether you need help with tax audits, wage  garnishments, liens, or levies, Signature Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to help you  today.

Family Law

Signature Law Firm is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and professionalism. The firm is equipped to handle family law matters including, but not limited to, divorce, legal separation, child and spousal support, custody matters, and complex property division. Although we strive for an equitable solution, we understand that not all matters can be solved outside of court. In such cases, we will vigorously represent you in the litigation process.  In family law, there are numerous matters that need to be addressed in a typical case and we will be there for you from the beginning to end. Not only can we handle your legal battle, but we are also QDRO specialists who draft Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. We have a thorough understanding of pension and retirement plans, so let our experience and detailed knowledge of family law and taxation work for you.  

Criminal Defense

When everything is on the line, results make the difference. We recognize that our clients come to us in what is likely the most difficult situation they have faced. Stakes are high in a courtroom, particularly in instances where one’s freedom is at stake. Therefore, we communicate effectively with our clients to provide them the highest level of defense. Signature Law Firm explores every avenue to resolve your case in a proficient and favorable manner. However, some legal conflicts do not have a middle ground and sometimes litigation is the forum that gives our clients the greatest leverage. We fervently defend against the charges and work closely with our clients to reach the most favorable outcome. Let our experience work for you.

Commercial Litigation

Our goal is to minimize the impact of the legal system on clients and their business. We evaluate every matter carefully and advise alternatives that save time and money. Time and again, we are able to negotiate resolutions that avoid costly trials. In matters where litigation cannot be prohibited, we are ready to represent you. Whether through pre-trial dismissal, alternative dispute resolution, or trial, expect tenacious litigators on your side. We make it our job to know the plaintiff’s side and the defendant’s side. We bring technology, experience, and expertise to every case. Know that your wellbeing is safeguarded by tactical thinkers who have your best interest at heart.

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These are tough economic times for everyone. Draw upon our seasoned financial expertise and understanding of financial matters surrounding bankruptcy law. We use a personal, attentive approach to represent clients and advocate for their debtor’s rights. Signature Law Firm is devoted to helping clients get a fresh start through the modification of debt that bankruptcy provides. We recognize that the decision to file bankruptcy is a very important one. We represent clients in Chapters 7, 11, and 13. We will help navigate the complex bankruptcy process and bring you piece of mind.

Signature Law Firm represents clients in the following practice areas: Commercial Litigation, Family Law, Criminal Defense, Taxation, and Bankruptcy.

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